Sitemap - 2020 - The Land of Random

🍔The Restaurant Apocalypse, Cloud Gaming’s Big Moment, and Write with Friends

🍄Shoes Made from Mushrooms, Vaporwave Cassettes, and Digital Candy

👏 The "Return" of Myspace, Wear Digital Clothes, and Welcome to Upstract

😁The Selfie Museum, Create a Shopping Party, and Skip the Dropshipped Stuff

📜The Scribbled Line Toolchest

Light Your Email on Fire, The Strange World of Funkwhale, and The Rise of Glassmorphism

👾Inside the MSCHF Mag, Bud Lights Crazy Gaming Console, and Have a Hologram Party!

🐦Make Your Plants Tweet, Send Your Friends Pinatas, and Search the Net the Old Way

🐱‍💻 Relive Windows XP, 3D Printed Drinks, and Make Awesome Flowcharts

📦The Goodwill Mystery Box, Self Flying Drones, and Dope Biodegradable Packaging,

🚀The Random Inspiration Machine, Create a Ghost Restaurant and Halloween Youtube Videos!

👁 Clear is After Your Identity, Plant Trees with Your Debit Card, and Generate Your Weekly Meals

😱 Genuinely Scary AI Businesses, The Impossible Burger Breakthrough, and The Robot Butler

📦The Best Found Footage Horror, The Tempting Ikea Seasonal Box and Virtual K-Pop

🤔 The Strange Depths of Spotify, Ransomed Coffee, and the rise of Liquid Death!

🦄Build your own SmartPhone, Decorate the Apocalypse, The Future of Coworking,

🎶Create Your Own LoFi Music, A New Livestream Platform, and Mass-Produced Reusable Cups!

🍕Get Random Pizzas every month, Embrace Winamp Nostalgia, and Discover New Music!

👓Vaporwave in Real Life, Muze Chat, and The Remarkable Notebook

👀 Avoid Surveillance, The Future of Web Design, and Interactive Ecommerce

🤖AI is Coming for Fast Food, Stolen Masterclasses, and Online Parties!

👞The Rise of Functional Techwear, Drive-In Walmart Movie Theaters, and the Dark Souls FPS

🧱 Build a house lego style, Join a Car Free Neighborhood, and Coupon Monitoring

🎨 Create 1 Second Paintings, Join the Midnight Pub Beta, and try out the Eternal Social Space!

🔪Real Vampire Slaying Kit, The Instagram Museum, and the Google Search Toolkit!

🍄 Mushroom Buildings, Rickroll in Zoom, and the Uncensored Minecraft Library

💧 The Free Water Project, Read Reddit like a Newspaper, and Sci-Fi Typography

🔥 56 Marketing Tools + Resources To Increase Your Productivity

🤷‍♂️ Google's Missed Opportunity, The craziest house ever, and The Last of Us II

🧱 Stick a USB in a wall, Atari's unsolved mystery, and Cameo Zoom Calls

🤗 Rollable Smart Phone, Biohacking your body, and Snapchat Mini Apps!

🍖 24 Hr Meat Vending Machine, Sneaky Email Signup Forms, and Affordable Modular Housing!

😻 Samsungs Cardboard Cat Houses , Alternative Smart Phones, and Blog on Bear

🧥 Iron Mans Jacket, the Anti Cussin' Font, and Macgyver's Water Bottle

🍣 The $800 Sushi Box, BTC Battle Royale, and a Retro Cyberpunk Game

🩸 A Terrifying Ketchup Jigsaw Puzzle, Access Lifetime Deals, and AI Music Generation

✍ Write a book online with Reedsy, Build a Checkout bot, and Dowload 25 new free tracks for digital media!

📺 Build a Smartish Mirror, Host a live Talkshow, and Glitch out your photos!

🎨 Help name every color in existence, Deepfake your zoom call, and Track your website links!

🍦 Make Disney's Dole Whip, sell anything with good copy, and the E-Ink Wall Newspaper

🌍 The Earth in Minecraft, Free Animated Icons, and Teddy Bear USB Hackers

🤔 Ipad Pro - laptop or tablet? Create Your Free Email Signature, and a Super Mario FPS

🍿 The Resurrection of Popcorn Time, Watch Netflix with friends, and Frothy Cream Coffee!

🤔Deepfake Tupac Raps again, Shop without checking out, and Follow the entire Internet!

🥺Video Art Frames, All melodies are now public domain, and Create your own game

🍟3D Printed Fry Oil, Bluetooth Malware, Bags of Bacon + Unlimited Coffee!

🌋The Floor is Lava, Zuck’s lost notebook, and Minimalist Uno

🐊Kentucky Fried Crocs, The Death of Brandless, and the Rise of Vending Machines!

😍 Amazon Dating, Hacking Google Maps, and Experience Windows 95!

🔪 How to kill an idea, Rings that beat with your heart, and KFC embraces Beyond Meat!

🖥 Computers in your Contacts, Undisclosed deaths in your home, and 2 new social media platforms!

😝MSCHF the Mad, Samsung’s BB-8, and The Living Machine

🥤Mystery Soda Machine, Pork without Pig, and Hologram Chatbots!

🤖 White Claw Claw Machine, Public Domain 2020, and the Battle for Open Source