🔥 56 Marketing Tools + Resources To Increase Your Productivity

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This is a very special “Deep Dive” edition of The Land of Random - and one I hope to do on a weekly basis. As a content maven, I collect hundreds of links every month to tools, resources, and other goodies. Why not share them with the world? This edition will be focusing on marketing - but don’t fear! I’ll cover other topics in the future, like podcasting, entrepreneurship, and others.

I recommend that you save this page to your links so you can head here when you need inspiration or a tool! 😀


1. Gary Halbert Archives

One of the most famous Copywriters of the 20th Century, you can read many of his copywriting newsletters (chock full of tips and tricks) for free! Check It Out

2. Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets

He’s another fantastic copywriter! You can read Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets absolutely free. These are absolute gold for anyone who has to write. Here’s a link to the archive. It can be a little hard to find, so save this link! Check It Out

3. Bob Bly Copywriter/Internet Marketing Archive

Here’s a great collection of content by Copywriter Bob Bly. It’s organized by content type so THERES A TON OF INSPIRATION FOR EVERYTHING. Sorry, I got excited. Check It Out

4. Hemingway Writing Analysis Tool

This really cool tool will analyze your writing for passive voice, adverbs, and other common writing errors. Neat tool for double-checking your writing! Check It Out

5. Headline Creator

This handy little tool will generate headlines for you! There is a free version, and I’m in love with this website. I’m not a point where I’d pay $10 a month, but I may someday! Check It Out

6. How to Write Advertising That Sells

This old book by Clyde Bedell has a ton of inspiration from the old days of big Newspaper ads. Honestly, how different is it reallly from today’s ads? Check It Out

7. In a Rush? Use a Formula

Yes. This resource is lead magnet - but it’s a dang useful one. I found this collection of 44 Copywriting formulas. Plug and Play is awesome! Check It Out

8. Swipe Swipe Swipe!

Swiped.co is a fantastic resource full of copy examples from ads. So cool! Check It Out

🎨Design Tools

9. Free Branding Resources

There’s some pretty cool resources on The Futur, including a personal branding and focus worksheet. Good stuff here! Check It Out

10. Free Isometric Illustrations

Awesome SVG images for your website. Minimalist, Colorful, and Clean. Check It Out

11. Remove Backgrounds Fast

Remove.bg will remove backgrounds from your images fast and easily. I use this tool all the time. Check It Out

12. Remove Backgrounds if Remove.bg doesn’t work

Trace by Stickermule is another tool to remove backgrounds, if remove.bg isn’t quite your style. Check It Out

13. Design Cool Stuff

Adaptiff is a pretty neat little free design tool. Think Canva, but with more emphasis on backgrounds, gradients, and other neat elements. Check It Out

14. Smart Mockups

This awesome website will let you generate up to 200 free mockups! Great for your ecommerce store. Check It Out

15. Colorize Your Black + White Photos

Want to add some flair to some of your old black and white photos? Do it with this awesome tool that will add color! Check It Out

16. Social Sizes

Yeah. I’m sick of searching of all the sizes that I need to post on different social media sites. This website has all of them - AND free Adobe templates! Check It Out

17. Photo Glitch Tool

Glitch out your photos fast with this easy to use web browser tool. Check It Out

18. Cool Textures and Backgrounds

There’s a bunch of really cool stuff if you’re looking to give a pop to your designs. Check It Out

19. Color Palettes

Need some different ideas for your design themes? Generate dozens of color palettes! Check It Out

20. Create Infographics + Reports for Free

Need to create some stunning infographic lead magnets? Create them for free on Piktochart. Check It Out

21. Create graphics, Memes, and Gifs

Kapwing is a pretty cool platform for graphic design and video creation! It has a TON of free tools and features. Check It Out

22. Photopea - Edit Photoshop Files In Your Browser

Don’t have Photoshop, but they sent you a dreaded .PSD? Edit that in Photopea’s free online design tool! Check It Out

23. Resize Your Photos Instantly

This Promo.com tool will let you instantly resize your photos for free! Check It Out

24. Create More Stunning Infographics

Visme is another cool website with a free plan where you can create really beautiful infographics, social media graphics, and more! Check It Out

🕸Web Tools

25. Embed Instagram on Your Website

Use Snapwidget to embed Instagram or other social media sites on your website! Check It Out

26. Create a Free Website with Boomla

Use Boomla to create your own free website. Completely Free! Check It Out

27. Create Unlimited Forms and Surveys

That’s right! It’s absolutely free. Yes there are limits, but they are pretty generous compared to others in this niche. Check It Out

28. Swipe Websites for Inspiration

Swipe whole websites to PDF for inspection and inspration with SwipeBox. It’s a pretty cool software, and you can swipe 5 for free every month! Check It Out

29. Free Social Proof Tool

Social Oracle has a free tool for social proof and upsells. Get 500 free views a month! Not bad for a free tier. Check It Out

30. Push Notifications

Alert your website audience with the Subscribers push notification tool. Up to 200 Free Subscribers! Check It Out

31. Create Free Landing Pages + Websites

Check out the Brizy Cloud website. Lots of nice templates! Check It Out

32. Create More Free Websites

Carrd.co is blowing up in popularity, and I love it. This awesome little Landing Page builder has a great free plan for building a website! Check It Out

33. Automate Daily/Weekly Tasks

Use Huginn to automate tasks like Twitter sentiment analysis, web scraping, or daily emails. Check It Out

34. Draw That Funnel

This free whiteboard tool is great if you need to do a Zoom presentation and you really need to do some quick illustrations. Check It Out

35. Diagrams

Sometimes, it’s the simplest charts that make all the difference. Diagrams is a great tool for creating funnels, diagrams, and more. Check It Out

📩 Email Marketing

36. Templates for saying “No”

We labor over emails that say “no” because we’re nice people. Grab these templates to give you a head start! Check It Out

37. Cold Subject Line Generator

Trying to figure out what to say to that cold lead? Let this generator do the work for you. Check It Out

38. Create Your Own Email Signature

Don’t spend time designing a email signature. Make one for free with this handy tool! Check It Out

39. Track Your Email Opens

Track your email opens with this simple Python tool. Check It Out

📈 Analytics

40. Free Google Data Studio Templates

Don’t create something from scratch! Analyze your Google Search Console data with this free Data Studio Template. Check It Out

41. Sheets For Marketers

This incredible resource has over 100 Google Sheets templates you can apply to your digital marketing business, from SEO analysis to competitor research. Check It Out

🅰 SEO Tools

42. Grade Your Website

This free tool from Hubspot will let you grade your website for free! It’s a neat tool for getting a good idea of what you need to improve on your site. Check It Out

43. View Your Websites from a SEO Perspective

This awesome tool lets you see a website from a SEO perspective. Very useful for taking a step back from all the distracting pictures and styles. Check It Out

44. Keyword Generator

We all need help figuring out all those keywords for our Google Adwords campaigns. Use this free tool to generate all your keywords! Check It Out

45. Ubersuggest

This free tool from Neil Patel lets you take a look at website ranking, keyword ranking, and other juicy details about your site. A very useful free tool, though somewhat limited. Check It Out

46. Generate Local Adwords

Get local adwords for your city. Use this simple tool to generate ideas for targeting on Google. Check It Out

47. Google Sheets Formulas for SEO

These formulas are awesome! Scraping data in Google Sheets is fun. Check It Out

48. Track Your Website Links

Keep track of all your internal links with this free tool! Check It Out

🤖 Chatbot Tools

49. Add A Chatbot to your site

Get unlimited leads with Artibot. You can collect unlimited leads for free, and collect payments tool! Check It Out

50. Create a Chatbot that can Integrate with other Services

Snatchbot has a bunch of cool features (including NLP), and it integrates with Messenger, Slack, and more! Check It Out

👀 Visibility

51. Websites YOU can post your product for free!

This is a massive list of places, mostly free, that you can post your products or announcements. Check It Out

52. Startup Directory

Over 100 places you can post your startup or product. Pretty cool! Check It Out

💻 Chrome Extensions

53. SEO Ruler

This free tool will let you generate keywords from keyword searches, inspect pages from a SEO perspective, and more. Check It Out

54. Wappalyzer

This free extension will let you inspect what technologies are being used on a website, including Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other tools! Check It Out

55. ColorZilla

Find out exactly what colors are being used on any website with this simple tool. Pull the Hex Code directly from a page! Check It Out

56. Nimbus Screenshot

This easy to use Screenshot Tool will let you actually scroll AND Screenshot! You will easily be able to add emails, ads, landing page screenshots, and other stuff to your swipe file. It’s way better than most of those other screenshot tools. Check It Out

Final Words

Thanks for checking out the list. I hope this is helpful to you as a marketing tool resource! I’ll be creating more resources like this in the future, and I look forward to sharing them with you. 😀 If you haven’t subscribed to The Land of Random yet, make sure you do! There’s some pretty FUN lists coming up!

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