👞The Rise of Functional Techwear, Drive-In Walmart Movie Theaters, and the Dark Souls FPS

Ever wanted a jacket that can turn into a tent?

Hello Hello! It’s another wonderful week here in The Land of Random.

I started my new job last week. It’s going pretty well! It feels nice to be employed again and I’m really excited about the company.

I’m going to try and get back into the ole podcast this week. It’s been quite a few months since I last made an episode, and I don’t want to abandon the project.

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Now, let’s dive into this week’s topics. I’ve cooked up some pretty fun stuff. As always, grab an espresso annnd let’s go!!

👓The Rise of Functional Techwear

Have you ever wished you could do more with your clothing? As we shop at companies like H&M or online at E-Commerce boutiques, a rumbling of futuristic clothing is starting to make its way slowly but surely into the cultural mainstream.

The functional camp clothes (dries fast, breathable, super warm) your dad wears that made you cringe out in public is crossing over with fashion and the future. Things are a-changing, as they say. Techwear is beginning to grow popular.

Techwear is essentially a cross between normal clothes and “tech,” whether it’s improved heat retention, odor resistance, woven electrical circuits, or other innovations. It’s often built to last many years, as opposed to the average T-shirt.

A hoodie designed to last 100 years? Vollebak has that.

A jacket that doubles as a tent? Adiff has you covered.

A denim jacket that can control music? Project Jacquard is here for you

Nike’s high tech ACG label

Really expensive but high tech Acronym or Veilance Gear

Pair all these types of clothing with the rise of athleisure, and I think we’re beginning to see clothing about to enter the future. I believe techwear is the first rumblings of that change.

I was reading an interview by Tobias Van Schneider with the founders of Vollebak the other week. This little exchange in the interview got me thinking.

Tobias: I know Vollebak has been compared to Tesla, and I’m a big fan of Tesla myself – but despite how advanced and futuristic its cars may be, they still look like... cars. Do you envision, or see a need for, a piece of clothing that might not even look like clothing? Or something so futuristic we can’t yet understand or see the need for it?

Steve: I think over the next decade and beyond our fundamental understanding of what clothing is, and what it is there to do, will shift. I think we will look back and laugh at how basic it is today. It won’t make sense that it just sat there on your skin doing nothing other than keeping you warm! (Source)

I think the way we perceive the basic value of clothes (to keep us warm) will change in the coming years. Think about the rise of business casual over the past decade and the past 5 months of Zoom meetings. Currently, techwear lives in the realm of the expensive and premium - but so did electric cars a decade ago, or iPhones.

Will that be the case in a decade? Will we wear clothes that adapt to our surroundings or needs? Only time will tell, but I’m fascinated with the technological advancements taking place in the garment industry. What do you think? Do you think we’ll be wearing epic high tech stuff within the next decade?

🎥The Drive-In Movie Theater

An unlikely hero has emerged to save the idea of “going to the movies” in the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Remember Drive-In Theaters? Those nostalgic venues of yesteryear? That your grandparents fondly remember?

Well, Walmart is bringing them back. Yes - Walmart. The Walmart that’s been quietly rebuilding their public image over the past decade.

Walmart is bringing free drive-in screenings of of popular and old movies to over 100 Supercenters around the country. The craziest part? Every single one is sold out. I tried to sign up for the Franklin location this week and much to my dismay it was totally sold out!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to sign up for the next showing in August.

Years ago, I honestly don’t know how this would have gone over with people. Now - it’s probably the most popular PR move Walmart has made in decades.

Think about the awesome PR ideas that went into this . . .

  • Nostalgia - Older people who remember Drive-In Theaters will go!

  • Vertical - A way to watch movies while social distancing. No one else is showing movies, after all.

  • Family - Families with young kids will go. These kids will connect “Walmart” with fun memories. Thus, it will set up for even more nostalgia for younger generations.

  • Sales - People will most likely go into Walmart earlier to buy snacks to consume during the movie.

  • Out of the house - Getting out of the house safely during COVID-19 for a FREE event? Yes Please! Isn’t Walmart so cool to do this? Maybe we should shop there more often . . .

With all these factors in mind, I am soooo not surprised that every single location is sold out of free tickets within days of the announcement.

Check out the website at the link! 😁


⚔Dark Souls 3 FPS

Every once in a while, I hear about a game mod that makes me shake my head in surprise. How did people even think of doing that?

Are you familiar with the concept of Dark Souls? It’s a brutal Medieval game where you fight monsters with swords and bows - that sort of thing.

It’s really, really hard, and you only have one life at the start of each level. Personally, I can’t stand these kinds of games. I like to have fun when I play video games. An hour here, an hour there - Not 6 hour sessions of stress and anger.

Well, you wouldn’t believe what someone did to Dark Souls 3.

They modded it and added guns. Here, watch Beardo Benjo play the mod

It’s honestly quite hilarious. I wouldn’t mind playing Dark Souls with some OP fire power like this. 🤣 Maybe I could actually beat the game!

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