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We all know that Mondays are boring. That’s why I started The Land of Random - to put a little bit of Spice into your Monday. Learn about cool new tech, marketing, AI, entrepreneurial ideas, and other random internet stuff in bite-sized bytes. (Or Byte sized bites? Hmmmm). It’s all fun, games, and learning here - kind of like the old days of the internet.

Those were the days of fun, discovery, and the joy of finding some cool website - and sharing it with our friends over email. Now we’re trapped in massive social media gardens where we share content engineered for virality.

You want to feel joy on the internet - not boredom. I understand that - and I want you to enjoy the internet again! Every Monday I’ll send you an email at 8 AM sharp about all kinds of cool stuff on the ‘net. You’ll laugh a little, learn a little, and you may even get music written by a computer stuck in your head.

Let’s bring back those old days, shall we?

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Hey! I'm a man of many strange and curious interests. Join me on my journey through the wonderful world of cool internet stuff, marketing, and social media.