👾The Link Invasion!👾

The Mad May Mixup

Welcommmmmmeeee to a special edition of The Land of Random this week.

Buckle your seat belts and turn on the Vaporwave, cuz we’re in for a wild ride!

Today I’m eschewing the typical format for a link barrage.

Why? It’s the Land of Random! 1

Links on links on links.


Here’s a sample from my new website that I’ve been working on. It’s truly aestheticc and WILD just like this newsletter, haha.

Make sure you visit it on mobile AND desktop - cuz it’s absolutely CRAZY on both.

The Land of Random

Hard to believe it, but my son turned a month old last week. My! How time flies, doesn’t it?

It’s simply amazing to watch babies just look around and process the world. For example, my son has been staring at me solidly the last few minutes now. No tears, no fussing. Just cute staring. 🥰🥰

Well, let’s dive on in shall we?


Andddd goooooo

Floating Plastic Molecules!

Apparently there’s plastic floating everywhere in the air. 😮 This is probably the most striking argument for using less plastic that I’ve ever read haha. This neat but terrifying website has some really cool interactive features.


The Crowd Sourced Newspaper

At the moment it’s a bit empty, butttt this interesting little social experiment website has a lot of potential! It’s essentially a daily newspaper you can submit articles to. Heck submit an article yourself if you have time!

Alter Tribune

The Magnetic Kids Couch

Tired of your borrring couch? wish the kids didn’t use your blankets for their forts? Well, with this couch - they can build whatever they want. Forts, castles, and more! I want two.

Magnus Couch

Kolibri OS

Want to try a different OS other than Windows/Linux? Kolibri looks pretty interesting . . . and worth at least a bootup! At the very least, it’d be fun to install it on an old laptop and give it to a friend. Hahaha.

Kolibri OS


This is a physical manifestation of a social network. Send in your postcards to the address to be featured on the site! So cool.

Cambridge Cyber Gardening Club

Build Your Own 4Chan

Oh yes - now you can build your own version of one of the most notorious websites on the internet - with hopefully a lot more moderation and more friendly topic guidance.😆


Terms and Conditions Game

As the average person becomes more and more aware of internet privacy, terms and conditions get more and more crazy . . . see if you can beat this game.

Beat The Terms

Maps of the Internet

This is one of the coolest projects that i’ve seen. It’s an old-school atlas-style map of the entire internet. You gotta check out this website! It’s absolutely wild how big Google and Youtube are . . .

Check out the Maps

Create Line Pictues

This really neat site will let you upload pictures to generate awesome abastract style line art. If you’re looking for a new profile pic . . . make sure you start here!


Pioner Game

This game looks SO COOL. It’s like the aesthetic of Metro Exodus mashed up with the Co-op abilities of Dying Light. Check out this gameplay!

Tiny Home with Movie Loft

I feel like I would get claustrophobic in the Movie loft, but this is an epic tiny home build. I kinda want one haha.

Tiny Home with 🎥

Host a Blog in Google Drive

Want a blog, but don’t want to pay oodles of money for Wordpress? Host your blog right in Google Drive. That’s right! Check it out.

Google Drive Blog

Cartoonize Yourself

Cartoonize your favorite picture or short video with this really interesting site! I want to cartoonize entire scenes from movies after watching this.


Emoji Storm

This wild app surfaces every single tweet from Twitter in real time as emojis. It’s kinda overstimulating after a few seconds - but cool!

So Many Emojiiiiiis

Self Hosted Analytics

Host your own website analytics with this open source tool. Very cool!


Movo Webmic HD Pro

Ever wanted a Mic, webcam, and ring light in one? This kickstarter will start shipping out this year! I gotta say - I kinda want one. 😂 I’m going to wait for some reviews to roll in!

All in One Mic

🎶TikToks You Can’t Miss

This is deeply unsettling.

Well, I know what we’re making for dinner next week!

Haha, I’d be mad - and laughing at this.

Let me dance with the dinosaur

Speaking of unsettling, what horror is this?

Don’t let the Cat get you . . .

I have so much respect for this digging project

That’s all for this issue of The Land of Random! See you next time. :) If you wanna chat, feel free to join the telegram group!


You fell for it haha