👻Secure. Contain. Protect, The Pinkest Pink, and Browse the Old Web

The monsters are contained

Hey everyone! How’s it going this week?

Happy Memorial Day! The holiday has been heavily commercialized here in the states - but I try to remember by reading the stories of fallen heroes who fought and died to protect the USA. If you’re interested - tales like that of Tibor Rubin are very inspirational.

Have you been enjoying the crypto crash?

I will say - I’m very glad I dumped my SafeMoon the day before the big crash.

I broke even - which is fine. 🤣 I really wish I got into that massive $MIL pump though . . .

Anyways, I’ll go ahead and shut up about Crypto.

I have some really good news for those of you who like social music. The original turntable.fm is BACK - and the password is . . . speakeasy . . .

Now we just need Grooveshark to return. Those were the days . . .

Let’s hop on in shall we?

👻Secure. Contain. Protect.

I’ve been saying that I’d do a post about SCP for awhile, so here goes . . .

SCP is a crowdsourced fantasy Wiki about an organization that seeks to protect mankind against monsters.

To this end, they have massive complexes where they store and study monsters.

SCP started wayyyy back in 2007 on - you guessed it - 4Chan, with a simple post.

SCP-173 was the OG monster of monsters in the SCP database.

Ever since then, the wiki has transformed into a massive foundation with its own rules, mission statement, official list of SCP’s, and SO MUCH MORE. You can get lost in the tolkien like depth of this Wiki. There are a ton of site moderators - and contributors all over the world.

There’s even a guide you must follow if you want to contribute.

But what are the SCP’s you might ask? What do people write about them?

Well, each SCP has a written document about its class (is it safe? a threat to humanity?), Containment procedure (Does it need to be locked up?), and a description of its history - sometimes with excerpts from scientist’s jornals, soldier audio - this kind of thing.

Let’s take SCP - 011 for example

Here’s the Description

  • Description: SCP-011 is a Civil War memorial statue located in Woodstock, Vermont. The statue is the image of a young male soldier holding a musket at his side, and is carved out of granite quarried within the area. Occasionally, SCP-011 has been observed lifting its musket to the sky to fire at birds which attempt to land or defecate on it. Reports detail that its movements produce soft grinding sounds but do not cause it any structural failure. Oddly, the gunfire is very similar to that of a standard firearm, despite observations that the item only loads granite bullets and granite powder into the musket (which is also unharmed by the firing). In spite of its efforts, some fecal matter does manage to strike SCP-011, and it has reportedly become distressed when it has had a large amount of feces on it, on some rare occasions even firing at humans.1

And its timeline

3.12.1995 - Woodstock resident reports the statue's eyes moving, first sign of activity
9.30.1995 - Statue shoots musket for the first time
10.9.1995 - Statue begins shooting birds from the sky
1.25.1996 - Registration as SCP-011, containment procedures begin
4.14.1997 - SCP-011 observed moving casually and looking around
5.3.2000 - After caretaker ████ ████████ jokingly shouts "Good shot!" to SCP-011, the item replies, "Thank you," in a reportedly very human voice, first speech from statue
10.22.2001 - SCP-011 has conversation with caretaker █████████ █████
2001 - Shooting of birds stops
2.6.2002 - At the imploring of █████████ █████, SCP-011 steps down from its pedestal
2003-2004 - SCP-011 reaches a human level of self-awareness
11.10.2004 - Containment procedures dropped, custody of SCP-011 transferred to █████████ █████
5.17.2005 - █████████ █████ reports that SCP-011 is romantically attracted to her
8.29.2006 - Most recent psych test reports an IQ of 1332

As you can see, the documentation for each SCP tends to be analytical in nature, and secretive when necessary - like some kind of Government log.

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, I recommend hopping into the list of the first 100 SCP’s to read around.

Check out the SCP WIki!


The SCP WIki has spawned some great Youtube series, a Manga, and even some fan films.

However, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a serious film or TV series because everything SCP related has to be released under Creative Commons - meaning anyone can freely make copies, etc.

Maybe, maybe, we’ll see some serious crowdsourced films come out.

Until then, we have Lord Bung’s amazing Youtube series

🎨The Pinkest Pink

Have you ever gone to the paint store and wondered to yourself . . .

How can I go even BOLDER with my paint colors

Well, you can take paint projects to the next level with The Pinkest Pink.

This beautiful color is the work of Stuart Semple, an amazing artist who has gifted the world with the blackest black, the pinkest pink, the Glowiest Glow, and other amazing pigments.

Why? Well . . .

Rather than hoard these amazing creations to use all for himself, so that he and he alone could wield the power of the colouriest colours, Stuart made culturehustle.com to share these potent concoctions of his with all artists (except one - his arch nemesis Kapoor the colour hoarder).3

Amateur artists like me will grab the pink colored pencil and say “good enough.”

Not Stuart! He’s taking color as far as they can go! The Colouriest of Colors!

This Pink is so Pink it looks radioactive

Could you imagine buying enough of this to paint a room?

Oh - and The Blackest Black sucks the light out of a room.

That literally feels like a black hole.

Check out more of Stuarts inks at the link! I’m tempted to buy “The Glowiest Glow” and paint stars on my daughter’s ceiling . . .

Oh - if you want to know the war between Semple and Kapoor, check this out.

The Pinkest Pink

🕸Browse The Old Web

Archive.org is a fantastic resource for viewing old websites - the trouble is - it can take a few clicks to get there.

Well, there’s this really really cool Chrome/Firefox extension called Vandal - and it lets you browse Internet Archive without opening a new page.

Solves so many time issues!

like if you’re trying to compare different website aesthetics, copy - and do it quickly? A browser extension is so much faster!

Orrrr see who owned a particular domain 10 years ago. That’s pretty fun!

For example - take crypto.com for example.

Back in 2011, Crypto.com was owned by someone named Matt Blaze. Back then, crypto - well - it meant cryptography, and he had a blog!

Thennn in 2018 Monaco took over - and I hope they paid Matt a fortune haha.

Now - I do have to warn you - the extension can be a little bit slow - and it can take a few seconds to figure out - but it’s really fun!

For example - here’s what Amazon looks like back in 1998

or BestBuy back in 1996

Go check out Vandal at the link!

Vandal - Internet Archive Browser

User Tips to save time

  1. Click on Calender - than a day with a green highlight - then click a snapshot.

  2. Historical view (takes snapshots of each year) is hidden on the top right in the menu.

🐙The Land of Random

Your favorite random links!

Nyan Cat Coder

This website has one song I think but I love this so much.

The Coding Nyan Cat

Steinbeck’s Werewolf Novel

Apparently John Steinbeck wrote a mystery Werewolf novel which was never published. We want it published! We want to read it!

Steinbeck + Werevolves

The Handheld Gaming Computer

Ever wish you had a gaming computer that looked like a PSP? Don’t get me wrong - the Switch is cool - but it can’t play everything. The Onexplayer can play just about anything a normal gaming computer can do. It’s nuts. I kinda want one.


Doom Guys Captcha

When your Captcha is boring, make about Doom. This is pretty fun!

Doom Captcha

Ambicular Lofi

Need a new site for Lofi Vibezz? This one has a few flavors, and it beats to the music too.


They Came From The Mist

This art is chilling yet fascinating. Check out other works by Nikola Sinitsa.

TikToks You Can’t Miss

I think I can speak for many when I say - We miss this TikTok

Run when you hear the sirens

Now that’s what I call an RV. Apocalypse Style.

At the same time, this RV is really fresh

Ok - Now I want to try making these

Potato Candy that tastes Good? He really needs a TV show btw

Well, that’s all for this issue of The Land of Random. See you next week! or in the Telegram Group