🍜Ramen by Mail, Relive Windows 2000, and Cheap homes in Japan

live in rural Japan? Say no more

Hey friends! How are you doing this fine Monday?

My sweet baby son is stillll getting used to sleeping for more than an hour or so. We’re still rather sleepless these days.

On the flip side - I’ve been working through a backload of TV and movies haha.

I’ve been messing around on this neat new social media platform called Racket. It’s like Instagram - but audio-only. It’s pretty neat!

I recorded a little episode about the question of being an Amazon fan and another one about cloud gaming.

If anyone wants to do a 9-minute podcast with me, let me know! i still have a few full length podcasts to edit and publish. 😳

Speaking of audio . . . . if you’re in the mood for some aesthetic cassette tapes, here’s a few new ones that haven’t been sold out.

Well, let’s get started, shall we?

🍜Ramen By Mail

Do you like Ramen?

Personally, I’m a bit of a Ramen fanatic. We have a great place called Otaku Ramen here in Nashville.

I just found out about a place that you can buy Ramen by mail.

The website is called gofoodie.ca and they sell Midori Ramen’’s Ramen. To be honest - I’ve never really been into mail-order food. I grew up reading Swiss Colony magazines and fantasizing about cheese and meat gift baskets.

That’s where my train of thought kinda stopped on the matter.

For years.

Then I saw this

Doesn’t that look delicious?

Granted, it is around $12 a serving buttt that is as much as you’d pay at a Ramen shop.

And it can last a year in the Freezer! All you have to do is heat it up for eight minutes. That’s it!

As long as you follow the instructions, “freezer” food tastes just as good as regular food.

Now I browse these jaw-droppingly delicious-looking websites . . . .

like the Goldbelly fried ice cream drumsticks

and don’t even get me started on the Milk Bar Store goodies

Check out the Midori Ramen at thelink.


🖱Relive Windows 2000

or Windows 98, 95, React OS, and many others!

First - you need to head to this website

There’s a list of OS’s to choose from - with some really interesting ones.

Like ReactOS - I’ve never even heard of that one. It kinda looks like WIndows.

KolibriOS is really cool - There’s fun game demos!

What’s REAL crazy is Windows 1.01 - It’s like some kind of retro terminal!

Just look at this calculator. . .

The best part is that you can make any of them full screen (make sure to change the scale) and really mess with someone.

Or pretend you’re using a whole new system for a few hours!

I only messed around with a few of them, but you could definitely spend a whole afternoon here messing around.

I tried to get the internet to work on WIndows 98 but it took too long to load. I figured - what if I could play Vaporwave music through nightwave plaza or poolside? Sadly, I couldn’t get it to work.

Let me know if you get it working!

Check out all this fun stuff at the link.


🏠Cheap Homes in Japan

Live in Japan and want a house?

Japan has a serious vacant home problem, particularly in rural areas.

The report also found 13.6% of Japan's 62.42 million homes were unoccupied. This was particularly pronounced in the prefectures of Wakayama, Tokushima, Kagoshima, and Kochi, all of which recorded home vacancy rates of more than 18%. (Source)

18 percent! That’s just nuts. Can you imagine living in a neighborhood where practically 1 out of every 5 houses is empty?

On the flip side you have Tokyo - where about 13 million people live . . . .

Houses are being listed for sale for as low as $5001.

It’s fun to look at houses in Tennessee, but looking at houses for fun overseas is a whole nother level!

Here's houses in Nagano

And here’s some in Tochigi

So cool

It’s really interesting to browse through homes in other countries - see the floor plans and how space is used. The kitchens are so small in Japan!

or - why are our American kitchens so big. Hmmmmmm.

Well - what do you think? Time to move to Japan for some cheap housing? Read more in the article.

Houses in Japan

🐙The Land of Random

Random! Random! Random links!

All The Calories

A survival bar with 3600 calories? that can last 3 days? What.

3600 Calories

Pokemon Blue Emulator

Run Pokenon Blue in just 68 lines of Code. Here’s the code

Here's the story

Play RTS by Coding

Ever wanted to play Real Time Strategy and Code at the same time? Your wish is fulfilled!

Code to Play

Nototo Spatial Note Taking

I LOVE spatial note taking. This looks like the non linear challenger to our favorite - Notion.


Dank Memes Vs. Instagram

I love Internet Historian

What If You Did This

The Impossible Checkbox that can’t be checked. Can you imagine doing this to users?

It can't be clicked

Learn how to Google Better

These cool tricks will make you a Google king.

Google Better!

TikToks You Can’t Miss

Well this looks tastier than Smores

Noooooo. This can’t be true

That’s pretty brilliant hiking actually

Now THAT’s a bento box

Mmmm. Dark Cottagecore

Well, that’s all for this issue. See you next time! 👋