🎃Horror Vibes,Pajama Suits, and Decentralized Comments

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Hey everyone! How’s it going this fine fall day?

As I said last week, false fall came and went - we’re back up to the 80’s here in TN.

Sadly - I want to wear my hoodies and stuff

It’s finally October though! There’s an absolute TON of new horror content. I don’t know about you but it feels like we’re going through something of a horror renaissance. There’s SO much new content.

I’m currently watching In the Flesh - it’s a really interesting British show that occurs after the zombie apocalypse. There’s a cure for the “zombie affliction” but not everyone is on board with it . . .

It’s been quite a week in the tech world - from Amazon’s crazy little flying security drone to their little assistant droid.

And for all you crypto peeps, floors just keep on rising! Crazy stuff

If you’re interested in cyber darkware, Nate from Neo4ic has made a really sick mandarin collar button up.

Speaking of dark vibes and horror, let’s get started shall we?

🎃Horror Vibes

It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite season, and that I love Horror movies. As such, I will “shill” them in October. Last year we covered Found Footage horror - this year we’ll be taking a look at a wide variety.

Horror for Non-Horror Fans

Don’t like horror? I’ve got a feww good choices for ya

  • Tucker and Dale VS Evil - This movie is a hilarious horror / slasher parody that is gory, gruesome, and full of gut-wrenching laughs.

  • Hubie Halloween - It got quite a bit of flack for its tropes, but it’s awesome

  • Happy Death Day 1+2 - Though they have a few chilling moments, they’re both pretty funny

  • One Cut of the Dead - This one is HILARIOUS. I can’t say much other than it’s found footage, and it’s got some insane meta twists.

Slashers and Zombies

  • Strangers and Strangers: Prey at Night are very good. Both have very different vibes - but the second is my favorite. Why? Fun 80’s songs paired with the horror of being chased by masked killers is pretty intense.

  • Outpost - This fun Nazi Zombies film is pretty decent! A team goes to investigate an old bunker - andddd things get CRAZY. I can still see the shadows in the fog.

  • Dead Snow - Nazi Zombies, but with elements of dark comedy. Turns out trying to keep cursed Nazi gold is a very bad idea when out on a ski trip. It tends to make the local bunker zombies very angry.

  • Dead Mine - Just as you shouldn’t mess with Nazi bunkers, you shouldn’t mess with old Japanese WWII bunkers, especially the ones where they did medical experiments. This film is pretty decent!

Weird Movies

  • Frankentstein’s Army - really weird Found Footage film. A pretty intense body horror theme (disturbing monsters), and on a low budget, but very interesting! A lot of creativity was poured into this film.

  • The Void - This weird 80’s gore style film gets really trippy the longer it gets. Worth the watch if you like weird stuff.

  • I’m just F-ing with You - Part serial killer, part internet trolling, and a dash of lofi motel vibes - this one is pretty freaky. I will never see a poolside hawaii themed party the same way ever again.

Well, that’s all for this list. I may make another short one before this October ends. Feel free to respond and let me know what movies you like!

🤵Pajama Suits

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfy suit made out of “pajama” material?

Well, Whatever has made the perfect Zoom outfit for your next meeting.

Looks like a dress shirt doesn’t it?

It is - partially. It’s the best of both worlds. Just enough to look professional - but actually comfortable.

Satisfy the needs of those bosses who say - to be professional and do professional work, you need to put yourself into that mindest by dresssing professionally.

This way, you look professional - and stay comfy.

What other companies make stuff like this?

If you don’t quite like the look of these, there’s also the Suitpajamas.

Those would definitely look the part on camera, but I’m not sure if I’d wear them out of the house.

I’ve done a bit of research into this particular niche - and it basically doesn’t exist.

There was a time . . . though . . .

Back in the day, Betabrand used to poll / create different clothing ideas and crowdfund their creation for men and women.

I’m not sure when the change happened - but they only sell womens clothing now (and in my opinion nothing like the cool Womens clothes they used to have).

However, they used to experiment with selling stuff like men’s dress joggers.

For whatever reason, they still keep the links live? Probs some SEO backlink juice I imagine.

You see, 7 years ago they were making really cool stuff . . . . and I’m not sure why they stopped.

They even made a sweat pant blazer.

but those days are gone, sadly. 😪

For now, we must be satisfied with Wherever’s suit shirt. Check it out at the link!


📝Decentralized Comments

The web is kind of like neighborhood - we go from home to home to visit friends, read articles, and so on.

Most of the time - they don’t interact with eachother- other than Facebook Comments and a few other common interfaces.

If you want to chat about something - or connect the dots about a particular topic - you need to head to a different “house.”

There’s a growing number of chrome extensions that will allow you to interact with a website on a new layer.

Today, we’ll take a look at three interesting ones.


This interesting little beta chrome extension allows you to comment on various web pages - and chat with other users who are commenting on the same site. With some serious adoption, this could be a fastinating way to meet people interested in the same topics.

Currently, the best way to find people interested in an obscure website or band is to research it on various channels, share it, or look for a fan group. With Ahoy, you could potentially find people on the site itself!

You can also see what sites other people are commenting on too.

Check it out at the link!



This very useful chrome extension allows you to see lots of cool information about a particular webpage. You can see tweets, Hacker News comments, and backlinks on any webpage.

For example - for my Substack I can see all the tweets that have mentioned my website.

It’s a fascinating way to see who has spoken about a particular website - especially if you’re doing research! Check it out at the link!



This is kinda like Disqus or the Facebook comment widget - but based on your Ethereum address. You sign in with Metamask, and comment!

You could easily use this in one of two ways - from an anonymous eth wallet with no coins - or as your real “identity” wallet.

Check it out!


🐙The Land of Random

Links of random, for random enjoyment


Chat with your website users directly from Discord. Very cool! This appears to be the first of its kind according to the website copy. If so, I’m not surprised at all by the monthly cost!



Fancy joining a new soical network? This one promises to be fast and ad free! In order to do anything, you need beans to interact. I’m curious to see how it does!


Local 58

Voyage into this unsettling alternnate reality through a series of strange youtube videos. What is truth? What’s going on? Can you put the pieces together?

LSX Animations

Enjoy the beauty of digital animations. So fluid. So colorful!


Paint with Music

Make your paintings flow with trumpets, notes, and violins!

Paint the town red with piano?


Enjoy some jazzy ambience on this fun little site. It has a really neat feature where you can embed your own YT playlist! I made a Star Wars version, which you can listen to at the link!


I Need Crypto Hamsters

I need a small army of hamsters trading like this one

Read about this hamster

🎶TikToks You Can’t Miss

Well if it’s that easy to sell Charcuterie boards . . .

Definitely a lair of some kind

Spirited Away, but a beautiful marble run

I haven’t thought about that creepy pasta in 15 years

Now those are some fun vibes


See y’all next week!