💀Creepy Mall Vibes,Rotary Google Assistant,and Build in MMMM

Make your website go mmmmmm

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day today.

What I really want to say is - Good morning to everyone except Ethereum Gas fees because they’re too expensive.1

My son will be turning a month this week! 🤯 It’s crazy how fast time flies!

And it’s for that reason that I’ve been using Pancake Swap instead of Uniswap, but I digress . . .

Have you watched the new season of Castlevania yet? or the new season of Love, Death, and Robots? I’m pretty far into Castlevania at the moment.

If you’re a big fan of Love, Death, and Robots - make sure you watch Oats Studio by Blomkamp. Same Vibes!

It’s a bit of a underground obscure hit, haha.

If you haven’t joined the Telegram group, please do! I’m planning to have a audio chat this week - which I’m really excited about!


And on a truly random note . . .

LAST CHANCE: Coca-Cola is phasing out their energy drink in North America - so if you live here, go get some while you can.

👻 Creepy Mall Vibez

I saw this TikTok the other day about a abandoned mall underneath a AirBNB

and I was like WAT - I need to know more.

Here -watch the TikTok. It feels like THE BACKROOMS come to life.

So I started digging . . . .

Apparently, there’s this place called the “Hollywood Beach Resort” in Florida. It’s an old resort, but it appears that people rent out their condos on AirBNB.

Here’s a listing, for example. It’s dirt cheap I might add.

When I say it’s an old resort - I mean - probably on its last legs before an acquisition in the next decade or so. Look - just look at this ancient horrible website.

They don’t even have a SSL certificate.

The ancient horror

Apparently, it looks as the mall died by inches over the years - and had shops open as late as 2018 or so.

Here’s a description from Reddit back in 2018

There’s barely any lights, it’s usually completely empty later in the day, a majority of the businesses have remained closed and gutted since I first visited, the escalators have remained there for god knows how long (despite being completely non-functional), and the ponds that I assume once contained fish are all dried up . . . On the few times I managed to get in that place, I was met with a sort of strange sight: seemingly endless floors, all with surprisingly different decatorations. (Source)

Another person described the Maze Like environment of some of the floors

A couple of months ago an old buddy of mine got curious and we tried to explore the closed off parts of the mall, snuck through a door that was open to the blocked off area on the first floor and it just lead to a garbage bin and an old small elevator that didn't work anymore. We tried finding a way on the upper level of the mall, but we gave up after hitting two more dead ends. (Source)

If there’s anything open - it might be a coffee shop. This is from a year ago.

I heard that there's still a coffee shop inside and I'm super intrigued, going as far as to open the door, but I closed it noticing a "No Tresspassing" sign nearby. Google lists the Mall as "permanently closed". Any and all information on the place would be greatly appreciated. (Florida Resident if that matters) (Source)

If you decide to stay at this creepy place, let me know! I’d love to see pictures of this strange place. It’s bizarre to me how the “resort” stays open at all. Not much of a resort when the “mall” is a weird ghost town.

Want to check out the mall yourself? Watch this creepy video - where the person decided to go in the middle of the night haha.

☎ Rotary Google Assistant

Ever wish you could dial Google for the answer to a question?

Now you can!

Check this out

On a scale of 1 to very complicated DIY project, I’d rate this around a 8. Heck - you could probably make these and sell them.

There are literally 4 stages. DANG

  • Registering with Google

  • Authenticating with Google

  • Wiring your telephone

  • Setting up the assistant2

I’m really tempted to try this. I’m sure I could find a rotary phone somewhere. . . Imagine how much fun this would be to have on the counter.

Here’s another video

The perfect fusion of the future and the past!

Check out the tutorial at the link. Let me know if you do it!

Rotary Google Assistant

🏭Build in MMMM

I’m so excited about this proejct! Remember that awesome Muze.nyc chat app I told y’all about?

Well, this is a lot like Muze - but for websites.


One expressive canvas on which to place pictures, words, stickers, links, and other fun stuff.

It’s the most accurate expression of the words “drag and drop” ever on a website builder. All you have to do is drag and drop - anywhere and anyhow you like.

It’s so cool! I’ve never seen a website builder that’s so liberating. There’s a fun little feature where you can build for mobile but add in extra for desktop on the sides.

Every other web builder traps us in blocks, sections, and other preformatted functions. How do you really create what you want to create without knowing React or something?

That’s the struggle. Elementor and Oxygen brought freedom from Squarespace and WP templates, but how do we get MORE creative?

I’m working on my site currently - so here’s a sneak peek. You see those YT videos on the side? That whole area will only show up on Desktop!

I’m definitely going to hint at this on my mobile site haha.

Could you imagine using mmm.page to host a aestheticc brand or product? That would be so much fun!

For me, mmm.page is the website inheritor of e.gg - the Ipad/ Iphone only page creator. I love having the freedom to create a website that reflects the randomness of “The Land of Random.”

It’s like a trip back to the days of geocities , but with some modern features.

I can’t wait to see how mmm.page develops in the months to come!

I can see this becoming a serious competitor to Carrd as its features mature. Personally, I think the killer feature might be a blog functionality - or the ability to send email newsletters.

Get your creative fix at the link.


🐙 The Land of Random

You ordered a side of random links?

Flip Smart Phone

Want a super cheap smartish flip phone? The Nokia 2720 V Flip is coming to the US with KaiOS and Google Assistant for the low, low price of $80. It would be kinda fun to have one of these as a backup phone. The only reason I wouldn’t use one of these as a “semi-primary” is because theres no Spotify. :(

Nokia 2720 Flip

Mac in your Browser

This really really cool Portfolio is a mockup of a Mac homepage. It’s so much fun! There’s a lot of really neat easter eggs and other functionalities hiding around the site. Someone hire this person!

Mac but browser

Lengthen Your URL’s

Normally, we use URL shortener tools, but what if we lengthened our URL’s? 😂


DIY Steampunk Creatures

Build your own Steampunk watch spider? SAY NO MORE. I want one of these once I have a desk lol


Cassettes are Back

Haha! It appears the underground cassette tape renaissance is beginning to go hipster mainstream.

Cassette Return

Night Night Website

With this script, you can put your website to bed. Don’t worry! people can still access it - but it makes one think about how late you’re staying up. 😂

Night Night

Obsidian Database

This is a really neat product. It’s like Notion or Roam Research - but you host it locally in your files, not the cloud. And, there’s a FREE plan


🎶 TikToks You Can’t Miss

Well that’s a bit unsettling

Holy crap, I did not know this about Crunchyroll

Who the heck does this to a house? I don’t get it at all.

Interesting! Paper Razors

Weird water source on the Appalachian Trail? Sure!

This dude has some epic parents. I mean - would yours do that?

Now THAT’s cool. Badada dah DAH badada dah DAH

That’s all for this issue! I look forward to seeing you next week. 😁


Yes. I missed the $LABRA pump