🏠Build a Modular Home, Poison Your Ad Data,and Build a Drum Machine

Make a Cardboard Music Machine

Hey friends! Welcome to this week’s issue of The Land of Random!

Guess what. We reached 800 subscribers last week. 🤯

801 to be exactly exact.

Thank you so much for your support and readership! :) It’s awesome having you on this journey. I’ve mentioned it before, but my goal is to reach 1 million subscribers within the next 5 or so years.

Yeah. It’s a crazy goal - but I believe we can do it.

Anyway, have you been paying attention to the NFT craze? It’s absolutely insane how we’ve gone from Pepe Coin trading cards in 2016 to mainstream Beeple selling a 69 million dollar piece of art. A friend of mine minted one last week himself!1

And don’t get me started at the cost of ETH Gas fees these days . . .

OR Vitalik Buterin trying to fight a possible 51% attack on the Ethereum Network.

How the turn tables have turned, eh?

Let’s hop on into today’s topics shall we?

Grab a good cup of joe and let’s get started.

Oh. If you need some Lofi in the background - I got you. Remember that Sirenhead lofi from last week? Here’s an hour-long version.

No cap - this is a Bop.

🏡Build A Modular Home

Have you ever wished buying a home was as easy as buying a phone?

A $300,000 phone or so?

Well, there are a few companies trying to make that happen. My current favorite is called Connect Homes, and they have the coolest home models!

Like this one. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh

Here’s their mission.

Making modern living more accessible by reimagining how we build and buy homes. (Source)

Sounds pretty cool, but how does that play out?

They want to make modern prefab houses affordable with transparent pricing.

For example, here’s the Connect 6T home.

Modern Vibes Intensify!

On their site, you can download the floor plan, choose addons like garages, and view an estimate of how much it would cost. For this home, the estimated budget for a move-in-ready Connect 6T home is $638,100.

And - this is a pretty big home. The one-bedroom stuff is much cheaper.

I’d love to know more about bottom-line prices and such, but the fact we are starting to get this point makes me really excited for the future of homes!

Their website is also really hip and modern. I’m not really sure how they built it on Wordpress? Definitely a custom build - or perhaps some Elementor madness.

Check out the site!

Connect Homes

👁Poison Your Ad Data

Unhappy with all those apps that ask for access to your contacts and you aren’t sure why?

Well, depending on how unscrupulous they are - they check to see how many friends you have, send invites without your permission, or other nefarious little things like selling that data.

Well, I found this neat little android app that allows you to create dozens of fake contacts.

Android phone app that creates fake contacts, which will be stored on your smartphone along with your real contacts. This feeds fake data to any apps or companies who are copying our private data to use or sell it. This is called "data-poisoning". (Source)

BWAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAH . . . . cough cough

It only runs on Android 9, and doesn’t have many features at the moment.

However, it’s available on Github - so you could modify a version for your own phone if you want to - or try to figure out how to make an Apple app.

Yet - it gives me glee that stuff like this exists. Mess with big data! :)

In fact, there’s even an Android phone you can buy with a fork of Android that’s completely Google free. Seriously! It uses alternative apps for everything from email to photo storage. It’s so cool.

Check out the Fake Phone Contact app at the link!

Poison The Data

🥁 Build a Drum Machine

Let’s start this off right. Have you seen this video? or any of Shawn Wasabi’s stuff with Arcade Midi Controllers?

It’s so cool. Here.

Here’s the classic to get you interested in Arcade Drum Machines.

Several years ago I built an arcade push button drum machine with a friend. We figured out EVERYTHING except the box. That was the hardest part!

Well, I discovered this company selling a DIY kit for a drum machine - and it’s pretty cool.

It’s called the BeatBox, and it even works with major Daws.

As someone who has built their own version of this - I’m telling you honestly.

It’s worth it to spend $160 on something like this unless you’re comfortable with soldering, coding, and sketching the layout on custom-cut cardboard box.

It’s a great way to learn DIY without going “hardcore” haha.

Now - if you like the idea of a Arcade Push Button controller but want a professional version - I recommend going with Midi Fighter.

Check out the BeatBox at the link!


🐙The Land of Random

Random Links for your enjoyment.

1000 Cats Newsletter

The internet was practically made for cats. Since the auncient days of Cat Memes and Nyan Cat, Cats have been a big focus of Le Internet. Well, I’m excited to tell you - there’s a Substack for Cats and Keyboards. This humorous and short daily Newsletter will keep you entertained and satisfied with cute kitteyys. Subscribz at ze link for cheezburger?

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Clash Music Messages

Ever wanted to send your friends musical messages randomly made from clips around the internet? Oh. You are in for a treat. Here’s one i made.

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Modded Nerf Blasters

Nerf Guns are fun, but modded ones are better. Learn about the secret DIY world of Nerf enthusiasts.

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Fight The Evil Llamas

I stumbled across this interesting game that involves you fighting evil llamas with Mechas. Wat.

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The Valheim Recovery Squad

You’ve probably heard about the popular viking survival game Valheim, but have you heard about the volunteer squad of super Gamers that help low level players recover their gear? It’s pretty cool.

Valheim Warrior Squad

Wavium Creator Texting

Ever wanted to get in on the whole “texting your fans” thing but didn’t feel like paying out the wazoo for Community? Well, now you can text your fans, have paid conversations, and sell merch directly with Wavium for a much cheaper price. If you’re interested, use my referral code THELANDOFRANDOM to get a month free. This is a free promotion on my part and I will get a referral fee if you happen to purchase.



While all this crypto madness is happening, here’s some cool links.

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That’s all for this issue of The Land of Random! See you next time! 👋


Apparently Substack doesn’t allow links from Rarible :( so sad.