🔮Write a letter to the future,Wooden NFC Cards, and Build a Digital Aquarium

Get some digital fish

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week - quite eventful wasn’t it with the Suez Canal wasn’t it?

Heck, you can even check the status here and see if it’s still stuck.

Oh - or that crazy limited edition Peepsi. What in the world does Peeps flavored Pepsi taste like?

or the unthinkable. Pepsi flavored peeps

but personally - i’m on board with this tweet.

While you’re working today, here’s a fantastic Lofi playlist for ghosts

Well, grab a coffee, and let’s go! How about a cold brew this morning?

🔮Write a Letter to the Future

Have you ever wished you could talk to your future self? You know - tell them to buy BTC or something?

Well now you can - well - sort of. Maybe not the BTC part - but at least you can tell yourself stuff in 10 years!

There’s this really cool site called Futureme where you can email yourself in the future.

Want to say something to yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Just type in an email and send it off.

In case you’re wondering - 2071 is the farthest date away you can email.

It’s a really neat website - for example - sending yourself a detailed story of your career and your family to read in ten years would be really insightful.

or - some stories about your children, or a list of your ten goals for the future . . .

The list of ideas is endless.

There’s even a Pro version you can utilize for your community - like a school. Could you imagine the interesting insights you’d learn from your 8th grade to your 12th grade self?

On the downside - there are a few creepy possibilities - like what if you pass away? and a family member is managing your email inbox?

or - what if you’re older and you decide to write emails to your family and don’t tell them about it. Creeepy.

Well, anyway - if you’re interested - try it out at the link!


🌲Wooden NFC Cards

I’ve always been curious by the rise of alternative business cards. From ones you can plant to carbon fiber cards - there’s a lot of cool ways to create lasting impressions on potential clients.

I’m quite curious about the rise of NFC business cards. Instead of handing someone your card - you let them scan it with their phone - and your contact info pops up.

There’s one interesting company called Mobilo that’s trying a subscription-based spin on the idea. They want to sell you a Wooden NFC card you can use to give your details to people.

It may take a few years before we’re back to normal with Business Conferences and such - but this is a neat way to stand out from the crowd.

The one thing that’s kinda crazy is that it isn’t just a one-time purchase. It’s a yearly $99 subscription that integrates with a CRM and comes with a analytics dashboard.

Personally, I’d rather build something like this NFC smart card that lights up when you scan it.

or buy one of these Moo ones.

Check out the Mobilo ones at the link!

Mobilo Wooden Card

🐟Build a Digital Aquarium

Have you ever wanted to build your own digital aquarium?

Well, now you can - without worrying about any real fish! It’s called Orb.farm, and it’s the best thing on the internet I’ve found in a long while.

Here’s my aquarium. The little red and gold dots are my fish.

It’s one of the most interesting little sites i’ve ever stumbled across. The Aquarium attemps to replicate the atmosphere of an aquarium, complete with bacteria, grass, CO2 levels, and more.

For example, here’s my aquarium after i went a bit nuts with my grass placement. It seemed to improve the CO2 levels - and theres some weird blue stuff eating the grass. I don’t know what it is.

It’s a self contained biosphere in which you are encouraged to “play, experiment, and observe.” This is quite literally a browser window you can leave alone for hours at a time . . . . maybe even days.

Heck, it’d be fun to even use a tablet to put this on display . . .

Build your aquarium now at the link!


🐙The Land of Random

So. Many. Random. Links

Play Fontemon

Here’s a game that you can literally play in a font file. Seriously, you can play it in Word or another word processor, or even online. Yeah. It’s absolutely wild.


Drums for Days

Ever wished you could make fun drum beats from around the world? Well, now you can. This Infinite drum machine will let you make beats from 1000’s of crazy sounds, and even sequence them in a little pattern. It’s easy to use, and fun!

Beats Beats Beats

Make a Smart Chess Board

If you’ve ever felt like your traditional chess set was lacking, here’s your chance. Build a smart chessboard with some raspberry pi DIY tech.

Smart Chess

System Shock’s Legacy

Ah yes - System Shock - the ancient 90’s video game that served as inspiration for Half Life, Bioshock, and thousands of other games with rpg lite features, great stories, and the ability to choose. This is a fantastic deep dive into its design.

System Shock

Industria Horror Game

This horror game looks pretty sick and mysterious. Here’s more gameplay

More Beautiful Modern Homes

These modular homes are beautiful. I want one. 😭😭


AI Powered Lip Sync

I get a huge kick out of these apps. LOL. Imagine in 10 years when we can’t tell if it’s real or not.

Wombo AI

TikToks You Can’t Miss

How much to build me one?

It’s noodletime my bois

WHY does this McDonalds have this cursed room

Wait. People have apartments at the Denver airport?

This litte Chef is my MVP

These Scallops be hustling tho

Extremely Cursed but I want one

Well, that’s all for this issue of The Land of Random. See you next time!