❄Take a Snow Shower,Aesthetic Gen Z Water,and the self-aware game

It feels self-aware at least

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Land of Random.

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It’s hard to believe that the past 9 months have flown by so fast . . .

If you have Spotify Premium, did you remember to sign up for the CarThing? I really hope they actually make it haha. And apparently, it’s basically free too!

Can you believe the Price of Doge? 😂 I bought some for the Memez back in 2018 haha . . . heck I was getting it free from faucets back in 2015. I wonder if I can find that wallet hmmmmmmm1

Well, shall we get started?

Grab a cup of joe and let’s go!

❄Take a Snow Shower

Years ago I was fascinated with snow machines - and always wondered - what if you could have one in your house?

What if you could turn your house into a Winter Wonderland. Personally, I blame my childhood obsession with Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Well, now you can have SNOW in your shower. That’s right. You can now shower in snow.

Here’s the deets.

The new SnowFALL (SF) snowmaking systems, developed by Snow-Industries, are the first private and commercial used snowmaking systems, which generate real natural snow in a plus temperature environment. Snow falls down from the ceiling as big and soft snowflakes - absolutely comparable to a snowfall in the wintertime but with a big difference: we do not need cold temperatures below 0°C.

That last bit is wild. It doesn’t even have to be cold to snow.

Here’s a picture

and here’s a link to the video. The crazy part is that the snow falls really fast too! If this video is real, it looks like this would fill up a shower with a few inches of snow very, very fast.

Oooh. Imagine making a Snowman in your shower.

I have no idea how to buy this product, but check it out at the link!

Snow Shower Head

💧Aesthetic Gen Z Water

Looking for some aesthetic water to drink AND reuse the bottle?

This website is the absolute retro internet dreamscape - and full of irony. No trying to make water sound all fancy. It’s just “flavorless transparent liquid” here. LOL 😅

Anddd don’t even get me started on the irony of the “gen z water” and the fact that the website was “made by boomers” haha. This is one of those sites where I want to buy something just because the site is so cool.

Guess who built it? Day Job of course.

There are random little gifs everyyyywhereeee, and there’s even music too!

Even when you click on stuff, there’s little gifs that spin and stuff.

I feel like I stepped into a Geocities or Angelfire site from the early 2000’s.

All the bottles are made of Aluminum - so you can refill the bottles. Here’s the FAQ for the water bottle.

In my humble opinion it is The Best Option. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and does not lose its quality each time. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled 2 or 3 times which is not good. 75% of aluminum is still in use today and Not Littering our lands and oceans and the Critters. The financial Value of aluminum motivates the recycling process vs. an essentially valueless plastic bottle piece of Trash. And I have noticed it chills faster and keeps my water Super cold. (Source)

Great stuff! I love when companies make stuff that can be reused.

Check out the website at the link.

Drink Gen Z Water

🎮The Self Aware Game

Did you ever play Doki Doki Literature Club? the very dark faux anime dating simulator that really dark within hours and started doing weird stuff to your laptop.

Oh you haven’t? Well here’s the link to that if you dare. If you’re easily disturbed or a kid - this game isn’t for you.

Well, there’s another game called IMSCARED that breaks the fourth wall - and starts messaging you within your files.

You know how if you’re scared in a game like 5 Nights at Freddys - you can just close the game.

Well you can’t in this one. It will start speaking to you outside the walls of the game file.

Like this crash screen

orrrrr these text boxes you have to type answers into

Yeah. That’s some next-level unsettling gameplay. It gets way deeper than this - and you have to delete files and such to move forward in different parts of the game.

It’s always interesting when games take you outside what you’re normally comfortable with.

Could you imagine - what if there was a game that asked for your email and phone number . . .

and then started texting and emailing you.

like if you finished the game - but then started getting mysterious midnight phone calls that said “the game is not finished yet. Type SHADOW into the code box to finish.”


Well, if you’re interested in checking out the game and playing it for yourself, click on the link below.


🐙The Land of Random

Random links just for you

Under The Depths

This horror game looks intense! You’re trapped on a sinking ship with . . . something

VR Haptic Gloves

Want to make your own VR gloves? Now you can . . .for cheap. Just grab a 3D printer, some parts, and follow these directions.

DIY VR Gloves

Youtube + Lofi

This neat site lets you create a Lofi inspired chat room for you and your friends. You and your friends control a YT playlist so you can enjoy music or other videos. It’s pretty cool - and no signups are required.


Beeple Generator

Want to generate your own Beeple digital painting? Well, look no further.

Here’s my strange creation

Make Beeples

The Sneeze Blog

Ancient abandoned blogs are fun. This one’s last post is from 2011, and it seems they abandoned Twitter in 2014. The posts are rather funny - it’s quite fun exploring all the old blog posts. It’s always sad when someone just “disappears” off the internet without an explanation. Where are you Sneeze?2

The Sneeze

Create the Glassmorphism Effect

Remember that cool Glassmorphism trend I shared a while ago? Well here’s a tutorial on how to create it using HTML and CSS. And this is a CSS library that will be released soon.



Yes. YES. YES!

🎶TikToks You Can’t Miss

This place looks awesome

Don’t get trapped in the Backrooms

It appears that the Matrix has broken

Now that’s an RV I wouldn’t mind traveling in

This guy has some serious style

That’s all for this issue of The Land of Random. See you next week!


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