🎮Stadia goes Mainstream, Epic Photo Editing, and the Pepper App

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Hellllooooo! How are you this fine day?

Both of my children have decided that sleeping is for the birds.

This is a deeply accurate depiction of the last week. :(

Do you plan on getting the Pixel Six Pro? I gotta say, I’m very interested in one myself. Don’t get me wrong - I love One Plus - butttt Google’s siren call is getting me off the ship. Marques Brownlee’s first look is a great video.

I do regret not trying harder to get a Jungle Freak last week - it’s looking like it might be the next blue chip NFT. However, I AM happy about that Altura pump.


Well, shall we get started?

🎮Stadia Goes Mainstream

Remember Stadia? the cloud gaming service? It’s still around - I’ve been playing exclusively on it just because it’s so easy to use. It’s easy to prop my Ipad on the couch and play.

You know how they’ve kinda talked about changing licencing out Stadia tech to other companies?

Well, it’s starting . . .

The first contractor is AT&T - the US telecom is using Stadia to offer its subscribers the chance to play Batman: Arkham Knight through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for free. "This is being powered by the Stadia technology," an AT&T spokesperson told the guys at IGN. "For this demo, AT&T created a front-end experience to enable gamers to play Batman: Arkham Knight directly from their own website and the game is playable on virtually any computer or laptop." (source)

There’s a landing page where all ya gotta do (IF you’re a AT&T customer) is enter your phone #, Zip code, and BOOM - you can start playing Batman: Arkham Knight!

This is a really interesting development as it seems to be hinting towards an interesting future.

What if AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast start bundling games into their subscriptions? It’s an easy value add, AND it’s something else you can charge people for.

Here - imagine this headline

Ready to play BIG this summer with the family? Don’t worry about spending hours trying to find a PS5 or Xbox. With AT&T’s special GAME bundle, get access to over 100 games EXCLUSIVELY streaming on our platform. We’ll even send you 4 controllers. Game anywhere, from the big TV to your laptop or Ipad. Starting at $59.99 + fees

Yeah, that seems pretty likely. I could TOTALLY see this happening in the next few years.

Heck, I wonder if they’re trying to be first to market before Netflix’s gaming library goes live . . .

Go check out the landing page at the link!

Arkham Knight

📸Epic Photo Editing

I stumbled across some AWESOME experimental tools for editing photos. They are hosted on a website called Constraint Systems by Grant Custer.

Constraint Systems is a collection of experimental web-based creative tools. They are an ongoing attempt to explore alternative ways of interacting with pixels and text on a computer screen. I hope to someday build these ideas into something larger, but the plan for now is to keep the scopes small and the releases quick. (source)

There’s 21 total tools on the site, and all of them do really COOL effects.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

This one is called Tri. It allows you to manipulate images based on WebGL textures. Very fun. I could make some bespoke images with this.

Here’s Pal. This thing is AWESOME. This one takes images and places them in RGB filters. Just look at this image it spit out. Amazing!!!!

Now, Moire is one of the most interesting image creation tools I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like a game. you see the little triangle? You control that like a spaceship.

Automadraw is fascinating. You can use different tools to evolve your drawing. For example, this started as a smiley face - and I have managed to turn it into a duck somehow.

I’ve managed to stop myself at showing you only four of them, but GO - GOOO check these out. There are so many cool things waiting to be created.

Constraint System

🔥 Pepper App

How often do you hunt for a good recipe, only to read a 5 page paper about someone’s profound experience with pumpkin muffins.

To be fair, this part of the recipe internet is starting to get better. Pinterest has been a great source of “just the recipe.”

However, what if you want more direct interaction with the person behind the recipe? What if you want to ask them questions?

On Pepper, you can create your own account, share recipes, and comment on the recipes of other chefs. There’s the opportunity to directly collaborate with others, which is something that many recipe sites lack.

Hey - I added cilantro to your recipe and it created a whole new flavor.

Cool! I’ll have to try that next time.

I downloaded it to check it out - Here are a few screenshots! This is the home page.

Here’s the Explore page. I appreciate that the photos are very real - pictures like I might take in a rush.

Here’s the explore page - where you can find popular recipes and chefs.

Some chefs provide a lot of detail for their recipes . . . others . . . I’m not sure you could define their sparse notes as a “recipe.”

This app is still in those early days when there’s a lot of post inconsistency. There’s users pumping out good content, and there’s others who post cool pictures with “recipe coming soon.” WUT.

It’s a perfect opportunity to establish yourself as a creator on the platform.

If you’ve got some good recipes you want to share, or you just want to check it out, here’s their Instagram account.

Go download it at the link!

Pepper the App

🐙The Land of Random

Random links? You called?


Make a phone call safely and securely with just a URL. I think it’s the perfect solution to avoid using your real phone number for FB Marketplace. There’s an app for iPhone and Android too!


Metal Gear Solid Glasses

Wear glasses straight out of the Metal Gear Solid games? Say no more!

Click to pay respects

Tweet to Play Doom

Ever wanted to send a tweet AND play Doom. This sounds awesome and complicated at the same time. Give it a try!

Can u tweet Doom?

Door Alarm Bot

You know those old magnetic door alarms? Well, now you can tech em’ up and send door open alerts to Telegram. Very cool! I wonder if you could monitor all your home’s security through Telegram. 🤔

Door Alarm Bot

A Study in Modular Sound

I’m intrigued, and at the same time . . . my ears hurt

Is the Internet still a place of joy?

This 11 paragraph opinion on the state of the internet will make you rethink everything.

Is it true?

The Polaroid

One of my favorite YT horror shorts. The monster could be just a shutter flash away . . .

🎶TikToks You Can't Miss

The work office of your dreams

If this TikTok doesn’t make sense to you. Good! You have a normal FYP

These cinnamon rolls sound sooo delicious - and worthy of a heart attack

This potato is deeply unsettling

Speaking of delicious food, how about THIS SANDWICH

Ah yes, the joys of exploring an old Mine

That’s all for this week! See you next time :)