💀End a man's career for 5 Mil, the drones are coming, and Public domain Day!

Is the price right for you?

Happy New year! Welcome to 2021.

2020 was pretty crazy, but there were many blessings too! I have a sweet little baby, a beautiful wife, another baby on the way, a job that I love, and, well, all 628 of you! Thank you so much for being part of The Land of Random. 😁

Got any cool resolutions? I’d love to hear them! I’ve made a few for The Land of Random. They’re lofty, but I’d love to make them happen.

Here they are.

Yeah. Those are some big goals. but with some elbow grease and some LoFi, I’ll be on my way.

Oh - the Google Stadia is FANTASTIC if you have a good wifi connection. I played like 12 hours of Cyberpunk this weekend on my TV and iPad. Such a good game. I don’t care what the haters say!

Well, let’s hop on in shall we?

💀Fancy buying a man’s career?

Well, you can.

For 5 Million Dollars.

It’s the most conceptual and meta art project EVER.

You, and you alone, could own the right to all of someone’s creative work - for the rest of their life.

Want anime fanart for the next 30 years?

Art for your Ecom businesses?

Let’s hear it straight from Jonathan’s mouth.

I’m selling my career as an artist for $5 Million.
That means that if you buy this piece, I’ll be making artwork for you for the rest of my life (literally!).
We’ll have to iron out some of the details when we get down to brass tacks putting together a contract (like the number of pieces I send you each month, what kind of pieces it includes (and doesn’t include), how many commission pieces you can have me make per year, etc.).
In the end, by buying my career, you’re getting a lifetime of art, and all of the rights to them (aka you wanna make prints? All yours! You aim to license them for greeting cards and t-shirts and movie rights? That’s your prerogative. They will be yours and I will own none of it).
As far as I know, nobody has ever sold their career, and no “undiscovered” artist has ever sold a single work of art for that much, so it will be a first, as well as a world record - a great chance to collect a lifetime of artworks and bring attention to you, your business, cause(s) you believe in, or simply to the questions raised by this piece.

Yeah. It’s pretty dang cool. You can own Jonathan’s career, and all the art he ever makes again in his life. Take a second and think about the meta significance of that.

It’s kinda like that one of a kind album that the Wu-Tang Clan made and Martin Shkreli bought.

Except ongoing in a live sense. It’s not a one time buy. 🤯 You could own a lifetime of art! This ain’t Patreon, Substack, Twitch donations, or another payment model.

It’s the whole lifetime of public creative output. DANG.

There’s some really neat stuff in his portfolio too.

And a ton of really interesting stuff about the project on his site.

Check it out!

Buy My Career

✈The Drones are Coming!

No, not the nano drones to attack us. However, if you haven’t seen that slightly dystopian pseudo ted talk you should. Don’t worry. It’s fake. for now.

Anyway - that got dark.

So, the FAA has announced that they will be allowing small drones to fly over people, which paves the way for Amazon and other businesses to start using drones.

All drones will have something called Remote ID - which will allow the FAA to identify drones with their operators. Here’s the official language.

Remote ID is the ability of a drone in flight to provide identification and location information that can be received by other parties . . . Remote ID helps the FAA, law enforcement, and other federal agencies find the control station when a drone appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it is not allowed to fly. Remote ID also lays the foundation of the safety and security groundwork needed for more complex drone operations. (Source)

This is really cool. Basically, the FAA is applying the philosophy of air traffic control towers to drones.

AND drones will be required to broadcast that information so planes will be able to know they are nearby! This is the FAA’s handy little graphic. (Source)

The way is being paved for a world where drones will deliver a variety of small items to you. Remote ID will allow drones to fly safely, and hold people accountable if - say - a drone drops and damages you or a car.

2025 theoretical scenario:

What drone fell out of the sky and hit my car? Well, let’s contact the FAA and find out its Remote ID. Oh look! It belongs to Amazon. Looks like I’ll be getting a FAT gift card.

Remember when Amazon filed patents for Drone hives and drone blimps?

Yeah. That kind of stuff is the future of delivery. A drone won’t get stuck in traffic like an Ubereats driver. It will zip your food to you promptly. It’s a slightly unsettling thought as to just how many jobs the coming drone revolution may impact.

After all, you don’t have to tip a drone.

Heck, it’s not entirely crazy to imagine a world in which most things are delivered via quiet drones that fly in precision across the sky.

It’s a bird! a plane! It’s a - a Walmart drone carrying a 60 inch TV?

Wild stuff.

Read more about it at the link.

FAA Decision

😎 Public Domain Day 2021

It’s that time of the year again. PUBLIC DOMAIN DAY!

Every 95 years (cuz Congress changed it from 75 to 95 in 1998. Stupid, I know.) books, art, and music enter the public domain in the USA.

This year, it’s 1925 - and what do we get?

The Great Gatsby - Want to make it a Cyberpunk thriller set in the 3020’s? DO IT.

An anime series based on The Great Gatsby? It can now happen!

A few silent films. Could be great for using for ads, memes, samples, etc.

Compositions (sheet music) by Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, and Fats Waller, and so much more. TIME TO REMIX SOME JAZZ!

I’m sensing some heavily inspired 1920’s style Lofi coming soon, with melodies coming straight from 1925 free of charge. Oooohhhh.

If you need some fresh new FREE content, check out more at the link!

Free Stuff

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The world is data

Is the data real?

When nutrition data is tied to big business, things get sketchy. Is chocolate actually good for us? When Coca-Cola gives you a nice check, does it impact your nutritional opinion on soda?

Is the data real?


FUI, or Fantasy User Interfaces, are the cool high techy computer UI that we see in movies. They’re not real but could serve as inspiration for creating something real . . .

Check em out

Build a Bamboo Bike

Pick a bamboo frame, and they’ll send you a kit to build your very own bike out of bamboo. Sustainable, eco friendly, and so cool!

Bamboo Bamboo!

Music 101

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Music 101

Mandalorian gone 80’s

🎶TikToks You Can’t Miss

Daredevils gotta dare I guess?

YES, Every single box Chevy.

Apparently, Sasquatch plays the Saxophone.

I think we all remember that happening at least once

The Samsung Dex is pretty darn cool. Would love to test it.

This sounds so incredibly tasty

OH MY GOODNESS this is totally possible.

Well, that’s all for this issue of The Land of Random! Stay tuned for next week. 😊

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