😄Encrypted Emojis, Youtube's demise, and the Clew you need

Send secret messages with emojis

Hello! How’s it going this week?

It’s been a wacky week on the net - with Youtube’s dislike announcement, or Moviepass planning to come back in 2022

Do you think it will really come back?

If the price is less than $25 I will be very surprised.

Oh, and Lot 2046 has come to an end

That’s really really sad.

If anyone knows why it is closing - please let me know! This was a really surprising announcement to be perfectly honest. Maybe Kanye bought it or something.

It’s been a quiet week at my household. My son is Finally sleeping through the night. Finally - after so many months!

We did some sleep training, and it worked after just a few nights! Honest!

We’re really enjoying all the sleep. 😁

Well, let’s get started, shall we?

😄Encrypted Emojis

Ever wanted to send a secret message to a friend, but don’t feel like getting deep into cryptography?

With Cryptoji, it’s as simple as writing a message and sending a friend the secret key.

For example . . .

All you have to do is type in your message - and it spits out the emojis that represent your message. If you want to ensure its security - use a secret key that’s necessary to decrypt the message.

Isn’t that fun?

It’s extremely secure too. Cryptoji uses AES-256

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for protecting top secret information. AES was first called Rijndael after its two developers, Belgian cryptographers Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen . . . AES-256, which has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard. (source)

Suffice it to say - no one is getting through the emojis without the secret key.

Try it yourself!

Copy this secret message


The secret key word is - random

Head to the decrypt page and find out the message!


📺Youtube’s Demise

Once upon a time, Youtube was the best place to watch stuff on the web.

I’m talking about the days when Vimeo, Metacafe, and Daily Motion were all competitors. That was a long time ago.

Heck, I remember watching THIS video when it came out - the video where Youtube had been sold to Google.

There were a good amount of years where everything was great! Olan Rogers, FreddieW, Corridor Digital, Pewdiepie, Epic Rap Battles of History, - and hundreds of other creators were in their golden years.

Remember when THE FIRST Youtube show came out - Video Game High School?

Ah! Those were good times - back when Funimation had a TON of their anime catalog available to watch for free.

Here - I DARE you. Go watch Youtube Rewind 2011 and try to tell me you don’t get a wave of nostalgia

Now . . . Youtube is a different place.

Unless you pay for premium, there’s an ad after every video . . .

Every day there’s absolutely classic YT videos from the early days disappearing like flies.

Childhood YouTubers have as much drama as normal celebrities.

Don’t even get me started on the constantly changing YT guidelines, bans, and shadowbans.

And now? Now Youtube is removing the dislike button.


The dislike button has been an integral part of Youtube’s history - a key sentiment analysis tool for even the most casual of viewers to indicate their pleasure or displeasure.

Take the cursed 2018 YT Rewind, or Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

or poorly made Youtube tutorials that don’t actually fix any issues.

Now . . . Youtube says they’re removing public dislike counts to stop targeted harassment/ bullying of creators.

Sorry, but that’s bullcrap.

I’m sad to see that Youtube is just playing nice with big companies - they just want more of those advertising dollars.

I got ticked off on Twitter, ngl.

I really hope YT reverses this position - but I find it unlikely. Another bit of the good internet is dead - and people will go on scrolling TikTok and watching Netflix. I wonder if people will say anything when Reddit removes the downvote button?

Youtube just isn’t the same anymore.

📝The Clew You Need

There’s a new non-linear notion alternative in town - and it looks amazing.

Oh - and it doesn’t stop at being a Notion alternative - it feels like Clickup too.

It’s called Clew.ai, and here’s a view of the Canvas.

You can drag images, gifs, to-do lists, chats, basic spreadsheets, PDF’s and MORE into a Canvas or Kanban.

Canvas - blank space you can drag or drop tools into

Kanban - Trello type board - you can drag or drop any tools into it.

I haven’t ever seen a Kanban you can drag a conversation into - but that’s really neat.

You could easily create your own workspace - or use it as a project management tool with your team.

Rather than spending 3 hours setting up a Notion workspace - just drag and drop tools into your canvas.

Want to separate different workspaces? Just create new Canvases or Kanbans!

I can’t wait till they add widget embeds! like spotify playlists or exalidraw . . .

Go check out Clew!


🐙The Land of Random

Random links of randomness

Cesario’s Site

At first you think the website is pointless, and then you discover it’s a commentary on several different internet related topics. WUT. Look for the question marks.


Stack some Rocks

Take some time to relax, and stack some rocks - literally!

Stack Rocks


This is a really fun playlist website. Relaxing backgrounds and lots of playlist options!


Backpack Tent Jacket

Why settle for a jacket that has a built in backpack, when there’s a jacket with a built in backpack AND tent.

Pictures may be all we get

Playstation 1 Music

ooh - retro vibes

Super Mario 64 in Your Browser

I don’t imagine this site will stay up much longer and the controls are a bit wonky, but you gotta check this out! It works!

Super Mario Time!

Official Day Before Trailer

I’m so ready for this game. It’s like Day-Z + The Last of Us + Days Gone - all in one!

🎵TikToks You Can’t Miss

I mean cool, but this is also very risky

Well, this is a bizarre take on the FPS


I guess those Jurassic Park computers would actually work

The LOTR soundtrack goes so hard

We’ve all been there

Well - that’s all for this week! See you next time :)